In the warm lands of India, the Yoddha team was formed; however, our members come from all corners of the world, including India, Japan, Venezuela and the USA. Each one of us is utterly and deeply aligned to our shared vision of creating high-quality, multicultural projects that we are convinced will stand out from the crowd.

We founded our team at the beginning of this year, initially with the purpose of creating our product, Guilty, which is the prototype we intend to present to you. Each of us has contributed to a particular area of its development, bringing a diverse range of skills, perspective and creative talent.

We believe we have an extremely bright future. We see ourselves as representing an exciting part of this wonderful and challenging industry, doing our best to provide numerous projects that, we are sure, will attract a wide and engaged audience.

Game Development


Set in a private party, on the beaches of Western Takoma, a man has been shot to death, without anybody noticing the murderer. Once people become aware of what has taken place, the only evidence is the woman who lies beside the dead man, with a bottle of wine, and a gun. Was she the murderer?

Guilty, Episode One, comprises of an interrogation scenario, in which the player must make a series of decisions, using logical reasoning, to convince the authorities that the woman is innocent. To prove this, she will need to respond to the questions posed by two detectives. Once she has given her answers, the player must use these to present a succession of facts that will help her to demonstrate her innocence.

At the end of the first episode, the player will receive a score, indicating what percentage of perceived truthfulness he or she achieved in their intervention. Based on that number, Episode Two will begin.

Episode Two will take the same line of action as the first episode, but the story that will unfold reveals the secrets of the crime.